[Expression] 뭐예요? What is~

—–이/가 ——예요/이에요

이름예요? What is your name?

이것예요? What is this?

선생님 누구예요?  Who is the teacher?

이분 누구예요? Who is this person?

마크 씨 누구예요? Who is Mark?

이분 선생님이에요. This person is the teacher. 

마크 씨 선생님이에요. Mark is a the teacher.


1) 이름 : name

2) 이/가 : subject marker

3) 뭐 : what

4) 예요/이에요 : am/are/is

5) 이것 this

6) 누구 who

7) 선생님 teacher

8) 마크 Mark

9) 이분 this person(honorific)


1. Noun+이/가 : subject marker(also called particle)

Noun(consonant ending)+이

Noun(vowel ending) + 가

2. 뭐예요? What is/am/are ~

3. 누구예요? Who is/am/are~

4. 이것 : this => 이것+이(subject marker) => 이것이(only used as a subject) => 이게(informal form)



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