[Expression] Weather 날씨

Vocabulary and Expression for Weather talk


날씨 N) weather 날씨좋아요.오늘날씨가안좋아요. The weather is good.Today’s weather is not good.
좋다 A) good
N) rain 와요.와요.

가 많이 와요.

It is raining.It is snowing.

It is raining hard.

N) snow
오다 V) rain
바람 N) wind 바람이 불어요. The wind is strong. /It is windy.
불다 V) blow
구름 N) cloud 구름이 끼었어요.안개가 끼었어요. There are lots of clouds.It is foggy.
안개 N) fog
끼다 V) cloud, fog
흐리다 A) cloudy 날씨가 흐려요. It is cloudy.
N) sun 가 떴어요.요즘은 가 일찍 떠요. The sun came up.These days the sun comes up early.
뜨다 V) rise
N) moon 이 떴어요.이 밝아요. The moon is out.The moon is bright.
뜨다 V) rise
N) star 이 밝아요. The stars are bright.
밝다 A) bright
춥다 N) cold 오늘 정말 추워요. Today is really cold.
덥다 N) hot 오늘 정말 더워요. Today is really hot.
시원하다 N) cool 오늘 날씨가 시원해요. Today is very cool.
쌀쌀하다 N) chilly 오늘 날씨가 쌀쌀해요. Today is chilly.


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