[Voca] Family and relatives 가족과 친척


가족 family
할아버지 grand father할머니 grand mother
외할아버지 grand father(mom’s dad) 외할머니 grand mother(mom’s mom)
부모님 parents
아버지/ 아빠 father/dad 어머니/ 엄마 mother/mom
형 older brother for a man오빠 older brother for a woman
누나 older sister for a man언니 older sister for a woman

친척 relatives
큰아버지 (dad’s older brother) 큰어머니 (큰아버지’s wife)
작은아버지 (dad’s younger brother) 작은어머니(작은아버지’s wife)
삼촌(before dad’s younger brother gets married)
고모 (dad’s sisters) 고모부 (고모’s husband)

외삼촌 (mom’s brothers) 외숙모 (외삼촌’s wife)
이모 (mom’s sisters) 이모부 (이모’s husband)

사촌 cousins

A fun fact!!
Koreans count numbers to determine our relationship between generations and siblings and the unit is ‘촌’. As you can see the picture above, between generations is 1촌 and between siblings is 2촌. So the distance between “나 I ” and dad’s younger brother is 1촌 + 2촌 = 3촌(삼촌). That is why we call dad’s younger brother and mom’s brothers ‘삼촌‘ or ‘삼촌‘. And the distance between my uncle’s children and “나 me” is 1촌 + 2촌 + 1촌 = 4촌(사촌). That is why we call cousins 사촌! And between married couples, there no 촌.

가족이 지금 어디에 살아요? Where does your family live now?
제 가족은 서울에 살아요. My family lives in Seoul.
형제 (자매)가 있어요? Do you have siblings?
형제 (자매)가 몇 명이에요? How many siblings do you have?
오빠가 한 명 있어요.I have an older brother (for a woman).
형이 두 명 있어요. I have two older brothers (for a man).
언니가 한 명 있어요. I have an older sister (for a woman).
누나가 두 명 있어요. I have two older sisters (for a man).
남동생이 한 명 있어요. I have a younger brother (for both).
여동생이 한 명 있어요. I have a younger sister (for both).
저 혼자예요. I am an only child.
저는 형제 (자매)가 없어요. I don’t have siblings.

You can also listen to the pronunciation here : http://quizlet.com/45114436/family-flash-cards/

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