[Expression] Introduce yourself 자기 소개

How to Introduce yourself in Korean?

This lesson is for beginners who just have learned a little bit of Korean.  If you have not learn how to read Korean, you can go to “Korean Characters-한글” menu to learn how to read. You can also listen to the pronunciation here.


 What is your name?
 저는 김유진이에요.
 I am Kim Yujin
 Are you a student?
 , 학생이에요.
 Yes, I am a student.
 아니요. 영어 선생님이에요.
 No, I am an English teacher.
 어디에 살아요?
 Where do you live?
 샌프란시스코에 살아요.
 I live in San Francisco.


If you want to learn more about grammar in the sentence, you can read this post.

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