[Expression] At a restaurant 식당에서

Are you going to eat out tonight at a restaurant? How can you order food in Korea?

You can listen to the pronunciation here.

몇 분이세요?
How many people?
두 명이요.
Two people.
지금 자리가 없어요.
It is full right now.
Do you want to wait?
얼마나 기다려야 돼요?
How long should I wait?
20분쯤 기다려야 돼요. (‘한’is not 1, it means ‘about’)
It will take about 20 minutes.
그럼 기다릴게요.
Then, I will wait.
Excuse me.
반찬 좀 더주세요.
Please give me more side dishes.
김치 좀 더 주실 수 있어요?
Can you give me more Kimchi?
소금 좀 주시겠어요?
Can you give me some salt?
저는 고기를 안 먹어요.
I don’t eat meat.
저는 채식 주의자예요.
I am a vegetarian.
고기 빼고 주세요.
Please don’t put meat in my food.
비빔밥 하나하고 김밥 하나 주세요.
I will have Bibimbap and Kimbap.

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