[Grammar] -(으)면 안 되다 prohibition

-(으)면 안 되다

-(으)면 안 되다 means ‘prohibition’, it can be translated ‘shouldn’t’  or ‘can’t’ in English.  It can be the opposite meaning of -(아/어/여)도 되다,which is permission.  If you don’t remember you can click here to review it.

-(으)면 안 되+어요 => -(으)면 안 돼요

Consonant+으면 안 돼요

Vowel or ㄹconsonant + 안 돼요

들어가면 안 돼요.
You should not go in.
여기에서 담배를 피우면 안 돼요.
should not
 smoke here.
우리 사랑하면 안 돼요?
 we love each other?
수업 시간에 영어로 말하면 안 돼요.
You shouldn’t speak English in the class.
18살은 술을 마시면 안 돼요.
An 18 year old person shouldn’t drink alcohol.
여기에 앉으면 안 돼요.
You shouldn’t sit here.
부모님 이름을 부르면 안 돼요.
You can’t call your parents names.

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