[Food] 삼겹살과 제육볶음 Sam Gyeop Ssal and spicy pork belly

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Do you know what kind of meet Koreans love the most?  It is Pork belly which is called 삼겹살(Sam Gyeop Ssal).  When we eat 삼겹살, we wrap it with lettuce and put some garlic and green pepper with some sauce(쌈장 : Ssam Jang, seasoned bean paste).

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My favorite part of grilling 삼겹살 is grilled 김치(Kimchi).  If you put 김치 surrounded 삼겹살, when you cook pork belly, it turns brown and sooooooooooooo delicious!!!

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I also make 제육볶음 very often.  제육볶음 is marinated pork belly.  It is spicy because there is 고추장(red pepper paste).  Here is the recipe.


삼겹살 1lb,
고추장 (red pepper paste) 2 daddy spoons,
고춧가루 (red pepper powder) 1 daddy spoon,
설탕 (sugar) 1.5 daddy spoons,
소주 (soju) 1 daddy spoon,
다진마늘 (minced garlic) 1 daddy spoon,
후추 (black pepper) 0.5 baby spoon,
간장 (soy sauce) 2 daddy spoons,
참기름 (sesame oil) 1 mommy spoon,
깨 (sesame seeds) 2 mommy spoons
a half of 양파 (yellow onion)
파 (green onion)

1. Put 고추장, 고춧가루, 설탕, 다진마늘, 후추, 참기름, 깨 into a bowl with pork belly and mix them well.  And wait 1 hour.

2. Heat up a pan (no oil) with high heat and put the meat and vegetables together.

3. When it is done, eat it with 상추(lettuce) or 꺳잎[깬닙] (sesame leaves, perilla) .

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