[Expression] Korean saying/proverb 한국어 속담 (Intermediate)

무소식이 희소식 报喜不报忧(无消息即好消息)
No news is good news
배보다 배꼽이 크다 比喻“某个不重要的事物占据主导地位”, 本意是肚脐比肚子大。
A minor or secondary part of something controlling the whole
하늘의 따기 比喻非常难的事情
A thing that is very difficult to get/achieve
대신 比喻没有完全符合要求的选择时,用相似的代替
When you can’t ride a horse, ride a mule; if you can’t ride a mule, ride a cow.
가는 날이 장날 无巧不成书,比喻恰巧碰到意料之外的事情
A bad timing
없는 말이 간다 比喻消息传播得非常快
A rumor spreads fast.
소귀에 읽기 对牛弹琴
Even though saying many time, (someone) never listen/understand
모르는 耳不听,心不烦
better not to know
넘어 过了一关又是一关,比喻困难重重、越来越难
Going from one bad situation into a worse one.
갈수록 태산 越来越坏,比喻处境越发艰难
from one dilemma or difficulty to another
(=산 넘어 산)
티끌 모아 태산 积少成多
Many small amounts accumulate to make a large amount.
우물 안 개구리 井底之蛙
A person who has narrow views
가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다 人心长在人心上
If you say nice words, I will say nice words too.
호랑이도 하면 온다 说曹操,曹操就到
Talk of the Devil
세월이 岁月是抚平一切的良药
Time is medicine. Time heals everything.
비지떡 图贱买老牛,便宜没好货
You get what you pay for. (mostly for cheap things)
시작이 万事开头难
A good beginning is half the battle.
마디로 갚는다 一语千金
A good tongue is a good weapon. If you say nice, it can repay your debt. 
누워서 먹기 小菜一叠, 本意是躺着吃糕点, 比喻很轻松的事情
It is a piece of cake. 
짚고 헤엄치기  易如反掌
(=  누워서 떡 먹기, 식은 죽 먹기)
It is a piece of cake. 
식은 먹기 易如反掌, 本意是吃凉粥, 比喻很容易的事情
It is a piece of cake. 
그림의 画中饼,形容不可能得到的东西, 空头支票
Unrealistic. A thing that you can’t get.

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