Question words and sentences for beginners

뭐 what

이름이 뭐예요? What is your name?
이거 뭐예요? What is this?
ㅇㅇㅇ이/가 뭐예요? What is ㅇㅇㅇ?
뭐 먹어요? What are you eating?
뭐 좋아해요? What do you like?
뭐 보고 싶어요? What do you want to watch?
뭐 먹고 싶어요? What do you want to eat?

무슨 what + noun

무슨 영화 좋아해요? What kind of movie do you like?
무슨 음식 먹고 싶어요? What kind of food do you want to eat?
무슨 책 읽어요? What kind of book are you reading?
무슨 요일에 가요? What day are you going?
무슨 선물 줄 거예요? What kind of gift are you going to give?

어느 which + noun

어느 나라에서 왔어요? Which country are you coming from?
어느 나라 사람이에요? Which country person are you? (where are you from?)
어느 회사에 다녀요? Which company are you working at?

어디 where

어디에 살아요? Where do you live?
어디에 가요? Where are you going?
지금 어디에 있어요? Where are you now?
가방이 어디에 있어요? Where is the bag?
어디에 가고 싶어요? Where do you want to go?
어디에서 만나요? Where are we meeting? / Where are you meeting?
어디에서 먹어요? Where are we eating? / Where are you eating?

누구 / 누가 who : 누구 “who” as a object, 누가 “who” as a subject

누구세요? Who is it?
이정은 씨가 누구예요? Who is 이정은?
누구 만나요? Who are you meeting?
누구하고 가요? Who are you going with?
누구 좋아해요? Who do you like?
누가 말했어요? Who said it?
누가 먹었어요? Who ate it?
누가 만들었어요? Who made it?

언제 when

한글날이 언제예요? When is 한글 day?
생일이 언제였어요? When was your birthday?
언제 왔어요? When did you come?
언제 쉬어요? When is your day off?
언제 갈 거예요? When are you going?

몇 how many + counter

동생이 몇 살이에요? How old is your younger sibling?
지금 몇 학년이에요? What grade are you now?
바나나 몇 개 샀어요? How many bananas did you buy?
파티에 몇 명 왔어요? How many people came to the party?
몇 개 필요해요? How many do you need?
몇 시간 공부해요? How many hours are you studying?

얼마 how much (about money)

얼마예요? How much is it?
장학금 얼마 받아요? How much do you get the scholarship?

얼마나 how long
얼마나 걸려요? How long does it take?

왜 why

왜 한국에 왔어요? Why did you come to Korea?
왜 한국어 공부해요? Why are you studying Korean?
왜 오늘 학교에 안 왔어요? Why didn’t you come to school?

어떻게 how

학교에 어떻게 와요? How do you come to school?
이거 한국말로 어떻게 말해요? How can I say this in Korean?
어떻게 읽어요? How should I read?

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