[Grammar] -는/(으)ㄴ modifiers

When a verb or an adjective modifies a noun, you have to use a modifier in between a verb/adjective and a noun.

Verb/adjective + modifier + noun

verb/adjective/있다/없다modifier noun

For PRESENT TENSE modifiers

Verb/있다/없다 >>

(다)+는자주 먹는 음식food that I eat often
(다)+는비가 오는 날a day that it rains
재미(다)+는재미있는 영화funny movie
(다)+는 (ㄹ drop)우는 아이kid who is crying


adjective(ends with a consonant) +
adjective(ends with a vowel) + ㄴ 
(다) + (으)ㄴ좋은 사람 good person
피곤(다) + (으)ㄴ피곤한 얼굴 tired face
(다)+(으)ㄴ (ㅂ irregular)매운 음식spicy food
(다)+(으)ㄴ (ㄹ drop)긴 머리long hair

For Verb PAST TENSE form is the same as adjective form (으)ㄴ. Adjective past tense is -던, I will post this later.

어제 (다)+ 은어제 먹은 불고기 Bulgogi that I ate yesterday
지난 주에 (다) + ㄴ 지난 주에 간 식당 The restaurant that I went last week
10년 동안 (다) + ㄴ (ㄹ irregular) 10년 동안 산 집The house that I have lived for 10 years
갑자기 (다) + 은 (ㅅ irregular)갑자기 부은 손The hand that suddenly is swollen

For FUTURE TENSE form is -(으)ㄹ.

다음 달에 만(다)+ㄹ 다음 달에 만날 사람a person who I am going to meet next week
내일 (다) + 을 내일 읽을 책a book that I am going to read tomorrow
이따가 만(다) +ㄹ 이따가 만들 음식The food that I am going make later today

verb+는 거/adjective+(으)ㄴ 거

You probably have seen ‘는 거’ or ‘은 거’ before. 거 is a conversational way to say 것 which means ‘stuff or thing’. So, ‘는 거’ can be translated as ‘the thing that verb/adjective’ or ‘verb-ing’.
For example>
매운 거 안 좋아해요. I don’t like spicy stuff.
맛있는 거 줄까요? Would you like to have something that is delicious?
오늘은 바쁜데 내일 만나는 거 어때요? How about meeting tomorrow, I am pretty busy today.
혹시 안 먹는 거 있어요? By any chance, do you have something that you don’t like to eat?
저는 노래 듣는 거 좋아해요. I like listening to music.


제가 좋아하는 드라마가 끝났어요.  The drama that I like is finished.
이민호를 사랑하는 사람들의 모임입니다.  This is a group for people who love Lee Min Ho.
회사에서 집에 가는 길에 공원이 있어요.  There is a park on the way home from work.
재미있는 영화를 보고 싶어요. I want to watch a movie that is interesting(a interesting movie).
저기 우는 아이가 옆집 아이예요.  The kid who is crying over there is my neighbor’s kid.
저도 좋은 사람을 만나고 싶어요.  I want to meet someone who is nice.
민호 씨가 피곤한 얼굴로 회사에 왔어요.  Minho came to work looking tired.
저는 매운 음식을 잘 먹어요.  I can eat spicy food.
추운 날씨가 되면 군고구마가 먹고 싶어요.  I want to eat grilled sweet potatoes when it gets cold.
어제 식당에서 제임스 씨를 봤어요. I saw James at the restaurant that I went yesterday.
작년에 사귄 여자 친구하고 헤어졌어요. I broke up with my girlfriend who I started dating last year.
이거 제가 10년 전에 들은 이야기예요. This is the story that I heard 10 years ago.
이따가 영화 제목이 뭐예요? What is the title of the movie that we are going to watch later today?
내일 발표할 자료는 다 준비했지요? You are all prepared the materials that you are going to present tomorrow, right?