Do not -지 말다

-지 말다 is attached to a verb, it means ‘do not’, it makes a imperative sentence. -지 말다 can be used with these endings depending on who you are talking to. A good thing is that you don’t need to worry about the conjugation!!! You can simply put a verb with -지 말다.

  1. -지 마 is 반말(plain form), so it is used to someone who is your friend and younger people. If you haven’t learned 반말, please click here. And sometimes you will hear -지 마라 in a K-drama, -지 마라 form is more formal than -지 마.
  2. -지 말아요( is used for when you talk to someone who is similar age(maybe older than you). And you will hear -지 마요 in K-songs, it is short form for -지 말아요.
  3. -지 마세요(-지 말+(으)세요 => ㄹ drop) is an honorific form, so it is used to someone who are older than you or public.

For example,
to a friend or young person
하지 마. Don’t do.
가지 마. Don’t go. (Let’s watch 가지 마, 가지마 by 브라운 아이즈.)
떠나지 마. Don’t leave.

to a person who is a little older than you.
그런 말하지 말아요. Don’t say that.
가지 말아요. Don’t go.
잊지 말아요. Don’t forget. (You can hear it in “잊지 말아요.Don’t forget” by 백지영)

For someone who are way older than you.
들어가지 마세요. Do not enter.
담배를 피우지 마세요. Do not smoke.
울지 마세요. Do not cry.
떠나가지 마세요. Do not leave. (I found an old song that I listened to when I was young ^^. 떠나가지 마세요 by 언타이틀)

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[Grammar] Verb-지 마세요 : Don’t ~

Verb-지 마세요

is a verb ending which means ‘Do not + verb’ in English.

It is originally ‘-지 말(다) +(으)세요’ (ㄹ drop).  


지 마세요
Do not eat
마시지 마세요
Do not drink
지 마세요
Do not go
지 마세요
Do not come
지 마세요
Do not watch
지 마세요
Do not do it
지 마세요
Do not cry
lean on
기대지 마세요
Do not lean on



Let’s make some sentences.

음식이 상했어요. 먹지 마세요.
The food has spoiled, do not eat it.
술 너무 많이 마시지 마세요.
Don’t drink too much.
그 음식점에 가지 마세요. 정말 불친절해요.
Don’t go that restaurant, their service is terrible.
들어오지 마세요.
Do not enter.
그 영화 보지 마세요. 재미없어요.
Don’t watch that movie, it is not funny.
걱정하지 마세요. 다 잘 될 거예요.
Don’t worry, everything will be fine.
유진 씨, 울지 마세요.
Don’t cry, Yujin.
문에 기대지 마세요.
Don’t lean on door.

You can listen to the pronunciation here.