[Expression] I like your hat!

In English, people often say “I like your hat!” or “I like your shoes!” if someone is wearing a cool hat or nice shoes. You shouldn’t translate it as “그 모자 좋아해요!” or “신발 좋아해요!” into Korean because “I like your hat!” doesn’t mean “I LIKE it”, it actually means “Your hat is nice.”

If you say “모자/신발 좋아해요” in Korean, it means “I like it” such as “I like apples” or “I like ice cream.”. Therefore you have to say “모자가 멋있어요.(The hat is cool)” or “신발이 예뻐요(The shoes are pretty)” or “모자가 어울려요(The hat fits you very well).”

New words>

모자: hat
신발: shoes
좋아하(): to like
멋있(): to be cool, awesome
예쁘(): to be pretty
어울리(): to fit well, match well
//여요: a sentence ending for present tense

[Grammar] 왜? Question words

Question words for Beginners


You can also listen to the pronunciation here.

어느 나라 사람이에요?
Where are you from?
어느 학교 다녀요?
Which school are you attending?
whom, whose
누구 거예요?
Whose thing is it?
누가 안 왔어요?
Who didn’t come?
뭐 해요?
What are you doing?
formal word of ‘뭐’
무엇을 합니까?
What are you doing?
무슨+ N
what kind of N
무슨 음식을 좋아해요?
What food do you like?
무슨 책을 읽어요?
What book do you read?
왜 안 왔어요?
Why didn’t you come?
전화 왜 안 받아요?
Why didn’t you answer my phone?
어디에 가요?
Where are you going?
어디에서 왔어요?
Where are you (coming) from?
언제 한국에 왔어요?
When did you come to Korea?
언제 집에 와요?
When are you coming home?
부산에 어떻게 가요?
How do I get to Busan.
이거 어떻게 해요?
How do I do this?
how many, what
몇 개예요?
How many is this?
몇 월이에요?
What month is it?
what date, how many days
오늘 며칠이에요?
What date is today?
며칠 동안 여행해요?
How many days are you going to travel?


A lot of Koreans write ‘며칠’ as ‘몇일’, but ‘몇일’ is wrong.  If you see anyone(Korean) write it wrong, please correct them!