Korean home food


What do Koreans normally eat?
한국 사람들은 보통 뭐 먹어요?

 Koreans eat 밥(rice) for three meals, you can say Koreans can’t live without rice.  How can you eat rice for every meal?  My friend asked me once.  Yes, we can because there are lots of different 반찬(side dishes).

Because a lot of people(workers) eat out for lunch, we can have some side dishes for breakfast and add a 찌개(stew) or (soup) with the same or different side dishes for dinner.

This is my normal 점심(lunch), but sometimes I eat this for 아침(breakfast) or 저녁(dinner).  I had 시금치나물(seasoned spinach), 두부부침(fried tofu), 어묵조림(fried fishcake), 파래무침(seasoned seaweed) and 오징어채(dried squid) with my rice for lunch.

It is very healthy and light. IMG_1023.JPG


You will wonder,

Where is 김치(Kimch)?
김치가 떨어졌어요. Well, I have run out of Kimchi.

I haven’t been to the 한국슈퍼마켓(Korean market) recently.

My precious Kimchi!!!!

My favorite side dish is 김(seaweed).

What is yours?